by on June 10, 2016
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Not many people enjoy going to the dentist, especially when they need major dental work done, but at Michael Baharestani DDS Root canal specialist, in Great Neck, we try and make every experience you have with us as pain free and enjoyable as possible. Root Canals need to be done when the tooth decays from cavities or cracks and the pulp inside the tooth becomes infected. A good sign you may need a root canal is if you have moderate to severe pain when you chew.


How to Prepare

Relax! – Your dentist will inject a numbing agent into your gums before they start drilling. Advil and Tylenol are ok after, but avoid aspirin for at least ten days prior to your visit as it can thin your blood and cause complications during the procedure.

Avoid certain foods – It is best to avoid any foods that are particularly sticky, chewy or hard a few days before your root canal procedure. These foods can get stuck in your tooth and make it a pain for your dentist to remove prior to the procedure. If consuming these types of foods is unavoidable for you, try chewing on the side of your mouth that is opposite of the tooth that requires the root canal. This will also help keep you from experiencing any pain before the tooth can be repaired.

Ask questions – The best way to prepare is to follow your dentist’s instructions. Going to get a root canal can be a daunting experience so if you have any questions or concerns then you should contact your dentist prior to the appointment.