Expert rootcanal treatment in greatneck

by on August 3, 2016
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An Endodontist is root canal specialist. They provide expertise in diagnosis and treatment of the dental pulp and the surrounding tissues.
Many times it can be difficult to diagnose why a patient is having pain or which tooth is the source. Endodontists can use special instruments to aid in their diagnosis. They often look for tiny cracks in teeth that can cause a lot of pain and that may be invisible to the naked eye. Through the use of a dental operating microscope, it may be possible to see these cracks. The dental operating microscope may help help an Endodontist look for previously untreated root canals. These untreated canals may cause inflammation and infection, which may cause the patient pain.
Other means for finding a source of pain could be looking for clues on radiographs. These clues require a highly trained eye to be spotted. These clues could range from a deep decay to a widening of a ligament to an area of chronic infection.
The technical experience of an Endodontist cannot be matched. Endodontists limit their practice to root canal offering their patients maximum expertise.  In fact, it is this experience which can make the process of having a root canal seem routine and often relatively painless.