Gentle Endodontic (root canal) treatment

by on August 19, 2016
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In the past, Root canal treatment was known to be painful. Some said that it was more painful than giving birth to a child. In fact, the comment was to always compare pain to ‘as painful as a root canal.’
Today, with modern anesthesia root canal treatment is relatively pain free. Endodontists, root canal specialists, can use various anesthetics to provide treatment in an hour appointment. For mandibular, lower teeth, a block anesthetic technique is used. This block technique will provide anesthesia for an entire side of the jaw from the back to the midline, including one side of the tongue. For maxillary, upper teeth, an infiltration technique is used to anesthetize the area adjacent to the tooth being worked on.
The block technique usually lasts longer therefore, it is important to take care after the root canal to not bite one’s lip,tongue, or cheek.
Endodontists, are usually quite adept at providing anesthesia for the most symptomatic teeth. Many times a referring Doctor may refer to an Endodontist because of difficulty with anesthesia.
When needing a root canal contact an Endodontist for an evaluation of your tooth. If root canal treatment is indicated, an Endodontist can provide a comfortable and gentle experience in most cases.
Dr. Baharestani is an Endodontist practicing in Great Neck, NY. His practice is limited to providing root canal treatment to his patients