Flossing can prevent the need for root canal

Flossing can prevent the need for root canal

Flossing can prevent the need for root canal Proper oral hygiene technique is very important. This includes brushing twice a day and flossing Atleast once per day. These principals can prevent decay and gum disease. If decay in a tooth is neglected this can lead to a root canal. Root canal when necessary can be done by an Endodontist- root canal specialist. Therefore, proper oral hygiene is critical.
When a patient goes for his or her dental check ups, usually every six months, he or she can consult with the dentist regarding proper flossing technique. Flossing can remove particles of food and bacteria that brushing alone cannot address.
There are various types of floss that can be used. Waxed and unwaxed are two types of floss. The best advice regarding the material type of floss and technique can be obtained from your dentist and hygienist.

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