Potential Causes of Toothaches

Potential Causes of Toothaches

It doesn’t matter how well you care about your oral health and how often you brush, floss, and visit the dentist. At some time in your life, you are going to experience the pain of a toothache.

What is the cause behind that toothache? Does it mean you have a cavity? Is the pain going to get worse? What if the pain comes and goes?

These are all questions that might circulate in your mind. Thankfully, DDS Root Canal is here to answer them.

Is it a cavity?

The first question you might have when experiencing tooth pain is whether or not it is a cavity. While that is the most likely culprit, that is not always the case. If you are experiencing sharp pain when drinking or eating cold or hot foods, a cavity might be the reason behind it. However, it could also be a sign that your teeth are becoming more sensitive. Sensitive teeth can be caused by two things; receding gums or thinning enamel. You should always get a toothache checked out by a dentist, but in the meantime, you can try using a soft-bristled brush and toothpaste that is specifically designed for sensitive teeth. This may help decrease the pain you’re feeling.

What type of pain are you feeling?

Something else to consider when experiencing a toothache is what type of pain you are feeling. Is it a low throb, or a sharp pain? If you feel a sharp, stabbing pain when biting down, it could be due to a cracked tooth or a cavity. Constant, throbbing pain can mean that you have an infection or abscessed tooth. Either way, you need to get it checked out right away by visiting an experienced dentist or endodontist like Dr. Michael Baharestani.

The Issue Might Not Even Be Your Teeth!

While your teeth are most likely the reason for pain in your mouth, that is not always the case. In fact, a sinus infection can actually cause tooth pain. Typically, with a sinus infection, only the upper teeth on both sides are feeling pain. You might also have nasal congestion and tender sinuses if this is the culprit. If this is the case, you should see your doctor right away.

Now, if the pain is located more in the jaw area, you might have temporomandibular disorders or what some call TMD. This can be caused by injury to the jaw, teeth grinding, or arthritis affecting the jaw area. Impacted molars—wisdom teeth—could also be the reason for your jaw pain.

Contact DDS Root Canal Today If You Have A Toothache!

If you are experiencing any tooth pain, it is important to contact your dentist right away. Even subtle, intermittent pain should be addressed. If there is a larger issue at play, you will regret waiting until the pain becomes worse or more consistent. At DDS Root Canal, Dr. Michael Baharestani is an experienced endodontist. That means he is experienced in root canal procedures and knows how important it is to address tooth pain before it becomes a more serious issue. If you are experiencing a toothache, contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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