Tooth Pain Q & A

Tooth Pain Specialist – Long Island Great Neck, NY: Michael Baharestani, DDS: Endodontist

Tooth Pain Q & A

by Michael Baharestani, DDS

What causes tooth pain?

Tooth pain can be caused by many issues, including tooth decay, gum disease and trauma, as well as issues like chronic clenching or grinding (bruxism). Impacted teeth – teeth that become trapped beneath other teeth when erupting – can also be a source of tooth pain, as can abscesses and deep infection in the bone or soft tissues.

How is tooth pain diagnosed?

The first step in diagnosing tooth pain is having a complete evaluation of the tooth and the surrounding gum, including dental x-rays to evaluate the structures under the gum. Many causes of tooth pain can be detected with a routine exam using special tools to check for areas of decay.

What kinds of treatments are available for tooth pain?

The treatment you’ll receive for your tooth pain will depend on the underlying cause of your symptoms. Treatments may include:

  • medication like antibiotics to treat infection
  • tooth-colored fillings to fill and restore decayed areas
  • root canals to treat deep decay in the tooth’s central portion or pulp
  • extraction when a tooth cannot be saved with a root canal
  • gum disease treatment including root planing and scaling to remove infection below the gum and around the root
  • crowns, onlays and other restorations to broken, chipped or cracked teeth

What kind of tooth pain requires a visit to the dentist?

Any type of tooth pain should be reported to the dentist right away. Even mild pain is an indication that something is wrong, and the earlier you seek treatment, the faster and less costly your treatment will likely be. Even mild pain can be a sign of decay that, left untreated, could eventually cause tooth loss or deep infection that could spread into the bone or soft tissues.

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