Evaluation & Treatment of Broken Teeth Q&A

Evaluation & Treatment of Broken Teeth Q&A

Evaluation & Treatment Of Broken Teeth Specialist – Long Island Great Neck, NY: Michael Baharestani, DDS: Endodontist

Evaluation & Treatment of Broken Teeth Q&A

by Michael Baharestani, DDS

What causes broken teeth?

Teeth can become broken for many reasons, including trauma, decay and old, extensive fillings that cause teeth to become weak over time. Sometimes, a tooth can break off from biting a hard substance like ice or using your teeth as tools – for instance, using them to pry off a lid. Falls, car accidents and sports injuries can also cause broken teeth. Postponing treatment for decayed or diseased teeth is also a primary cause of tooth breakage.

How are broken teeth evaluated?

Evaluation begins with a physical exam of the tooth, including x-rays to determine the extent of the damage. In some cases, older restorations like extensive amalgam fillings may need to be removed to enable the tooth to be repaired. The area will also need to be carefully cleaned to enable the dentist to see the damaged area so a treatment plan can be designed.

How are broken teeth treated?

First, any areas of decay or infection must be treated to enable the restoration to be successful. When the tooth is broken off below the surface or is otherwise badly damaged, it may need to be extracted and a bridge or dental implant may be used to replace it. If the tooth can be saved, restoration may include an onlay or inlay for small breaks or a crown to surround the tooth and provide it with the strength it needs to function normally. The type of treatment will depend on how badly the tooth is damaged.

Is it OK to ignore a broken tooth?

No. Broken teeth can enable the remaining tooth to become decayed or infected. Some infections may even spread to neighboring tooth roots, resulting in additional tooth weakening or loss. Plus, a broken tooth can cause your bite to be unbalanced, which can result in uneven wear and other issues like headaches.

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